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MCAS Cherry Point Floor Repair Case Study

A secure building of approximately 90,000+ square feet was experiencing settlement in multiple areas. The building consisted of several concrete pads ranging from 5-14 inches thick with settlement up to 3.5 inches.

Working hours are only at second shift, no dust is allowed, all furniture moved must be replaced before first shift. Concrete pads are floating but some bear weight of the block walls. Certain rooms have electric and air lines concealed inside the slab.


Utilizing a private locate team to establish where lines run in the slab was most important. Setting a grid pattern and procedure to secure soils and lift in waves. Removing all repairs that may inhibit full recovery of slab will be done. Ram jack uses Hilti Dustless HEPA vacuums with drill attachments to contain all dust. Plastic is used to cover all equipment and mechanical ports are used to eliminate blow outs.


Ram Jack successfully lifted all areas of concern and secured the entire building using a grid pattern of 4’-5’ spacing. Previously altered slabs and damaged joints from movement were repaired by prime contractor now that the slabs are back to original position. Work took less than 5 weeks with no down time or disruption to daily activity. Project completed within deadlines to provide next phases of building restoration to continue on schedule.

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