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Commercial Polyurethane Solutions

Our Poly Foam solutions can be used to repair, fill, lift and support a wide range of commercial applications without heavy excavation or downtime! Plus, being a cost-effective and long-lasting solution, poly foam is an fast and affordable option for mitigating workplace injuries and reducing liabilities. Because it is a versatile solution, facility managers, property mangers, contractors and engineers are all choosing the Poly Foam Solution as a more permanent way to repair. Learn more about the range of applications below and request an on-site evaluation.


Warehouses & Industrial Floors

Ramjack can underseal and secure large warehouse pads to reduce issues such as curling and rocking.  By revitalizing the substrate under the slabs we help prevent the further degradation that heavy equipment such as forklifts can cause with day to day work. A slab that is secure will live longer and provide machinery with less abuse, i.e. shaking or bumping of uneven or rocking slabs.

Trip Hazards in Workplaces, Shopping Centers, Multi-Family Complexes & Senior Facilities

Eliminating trip hazards are fast and easy when it comes to protecting your business, employees, and customers.  1 in 4 slips trips and falls result in an absence of over one month and cause nearly 700 fatalities a year.  ADA defines a trip hazard as any vertical change of over ¼ inch or more. Ram Jack presents the fastest and most affordable way to bring order back to your concrete.  Within minutes we can drill, inject, lift, and seal.


With our fast, affordable Poly Foam solution, we can help correct dangerous and liable trip hazards at large complexes like apartment buildings, senior care facilities, business centers and shopping malls in a single day.

Distribution Centers

Plenty of disruptions in the roadways, gate stations, or warehouses put a toll machines and vehicles increasing repair costs. Ram Jack is able to mobilize fix and get out of the way so that your distribution center keeps on schedule.

Roadways / Bridges

Our highways see endless traffic and can make the economy suffer when they need to be shut down or even re-routed. We implement fast and effective solutions to put roadways and bridge abutments back to where they started for a smooth ride and very little downtime.

Erosion Control

When there is compromised soils around worksites, roads, or structures we can strengthen and secure the area with permeation grout.  Permeation grout will mix and “Glue together”  the substrate already in the ground.  


Ram Jack is cleared for entry to Government and Military facilities. Please ask about our previous work in these sectors.

Commercial Repair Applications


Commerial Projects