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Poly Foam Advantages

Cosmetically you will not be able to match your new and old concrete so instead of replacing you can lift it back in place at up to 1/7th the cost. Ram Jack promotes the project of replacing your concrete.  Ram Jack promotes the fast, green, and quality solution of lifting your concrete back in place.  We inject structure back under the slab and densify the soils to keep it there.  The best part is our solution will cost less and be the fastest way back to normal operations.


Learn more about the benefits of Poly Foam including:


Fast Turnaround Time! Poly Foam expands & strengthens in minutes

No Excavation & Minimal Interruption

Durability & Long lasting with a 1000 year lifespan underground

Eco-friendly solution

Compared to concrete:


Cost 75% more than Poly Foam


2-3 Day Cure Time


Shut down of the site with heavy demolition, machinery, and disposal costs


Replacing the concrete does not insure that new concrete will not also settle due to soil conditions


After water, concrete is the most widely used substance on Earth. If the cement industry were a country, it would be the third largest carbon dioxide emitter - The Guardian


Polyurethane injection is a simple process! We drill small holes through the slab or structure in order to access the soil underneath. Using specialized equipment, we slowly inject these holes with Poly Foam to control the elevation of the slab being lifted and/or densifying the soils to keep it in place. The foam expands and hardens in about 15 minutes––all while raising the slab back into position.

Poly Foam Installation
Poly Foam VS Concrete


Ripping out and replacing concrete takes time and money! Not only is Poly Foam a faster & multipurpose solution; it can be completed more affordably in a shorter amount of time by lifting your old concrete back into place instead of replacing it.

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