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 Fast, Affordable Poly Foam Solutions 

Residential - Commercial - Industrial

Property Managers, Contractors,  Engineers and Homeowners are discovering a faster, affordable and more permanent way to repair:


  • Sinking Concrete

  • Warehouse / Industrial Floors

  • Commercial & Residential Slabs

  • Trip Hazards

  • Roadways / Parking Lots

  • Sea Walls

  • Erosion Damage and more

The strength and versatility of our structural foam is giving homeowners and business owners a long lasting solution without heavy machinery, large installation crews or expensive down time.  Contact our Ram Jack Poly Foam Division to learn more. 


“Don’t Rip and Replace it! Lift and Restore it with Ram Jack's Polyurethane Foam Solutions."

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Long Lasting Repair

More Cost Effective than Replacement

Fast Installation & No Post-Project Down Time

Eco-Friendly & Marine Safe

Versatility in Applications

Learn more about the Poly Foam Solution including advantages, installation & cost.



Straight Line Construction is a family of companies that include Ram Jack of Colorado, Ram Jack of Arizona & Ram Jack of New Mexico. 



— Robert P.

"Ram Jack has been doing foundation work on my campus (165 acres) for many years. Our area is very soft with a lot of ground water. Not only have they stabilized foundations but they have a guy that is great with sunken concrete. The process is quick, easy and straightforward. The gentleman that handles the pressure grouting for sunken areas, Gabriel Knutson, and his helper were responsive, helpful, polite and thorough.

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